Lindy Wardrobe: Mike at PittStop

Meet Mike. I first noticed Mike’s shoes on Friday, because the captoe was distinctive compared to the other black and white wingtip styled shoes on the dance floor. It’s hard to tell due to the rather poor iPhone photograph, but the striped shirt and the patterned tie coordinate rather perfectly since the colors are in the same family.

The vest, or as my English friend call it, a waist coast, has become an increasingly popular staple in the lindyhop scene lately. Both tailored, seen on Mike here, and sweater vest options are available. While stylish, I’ve also heard dancers talk about the praticallity of another “sweat barrier.” (Gross, but true. And hey, sweat happens.)

And about the aforementioned shoes, Mike tells me they were a kismet thrift store find: $5, exactly his size, good as the day they were made. We should all be so lucky.


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