Lindy Wardrobe: Julia at Catherine Russell

Meet Julia. I first met Julia…geez, I don’t even know when. I think it was one of those things where we kept seeing each other out dancing and got to talking. Probably about hair accouterments. She has an enviable collection. Where I have a towel on my towel rack, Julia has a row of headbands. But Julia’s hair clip collection pales in comparison to her fantastic calves.

To the Catherine Russell’s performance last Saturday, Julia wore leggings. Gutsy, but inspired choice. (Side note: Cat was amazing. I wish the performance had been recorded. I still want to see her in concert but when I checked Cat’s list of upcoming dates most of them are in the Netherlands. Le sigh.)

As anyone who has danced at Glen Echo’s Spanish Ballroom will tell you, there is no climate control. There are fans underneath the benches, but that is it. Saturday, it was cold in the ballroom, especially early in the night before 400+ started moving around. Thus, leggings. A wise case of fashion following function.

Julia told me she first saw the talented Kate Hedin wearing leggings which prompted her to procure some. Layering the leggings over tights of a similar tone nicely sets off the cobalt dress. And the heels create a nice line to end on a feminine note.



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2 responses to “Lindy Wardrobe: Julia at Catherine Russell

  1. fenn

    Julia does have the BEST legs. I photographed them at Pittstop.

  2. Natalie

    I love those Aris Allens, too…I tried to look for a pair in their discount room, but they told me that they’re one of their most popular styles!

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