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For many folks I know, lindy hop is the doorway to vintage-inspired attire, hair, decor, music and art. I love seeing the artwork, movie posters, and Varga prints up in the homes of fellow dancers. I can’t boast of a thrifted wardrobe, but I sure do like to look at one. Neither have I refinished mid-century modern furniture, but I love to look at before and after pictures.

One of the few vintage-inspired decor pieces we own is a print of the November 4, 1961 cover of the Saturday Evening Post illustrated by Thorntorn Utz. After we got married, Craig and I decided to be responsible adults and save the generous gifts we received for a rainy day. But we stumbled upon the print in a Rehoboth Beach, Del. shop that Craig worked in one summer during college. Clearly, it was meant for us.

I love the colors, especially the orange skirt of the dancer in the lower right hand corner. But my favorite aspect are the older adults standing on the right side in closed watching the young’uns twist and twirl.

Since the snowfall has immobilized much of the mid-Atlantic, I thought I’d share some of my favorite sources online resources and eye candy to help keep you entertained until the plows arrive.

  • Bobby Pin Blog–Written by Lauren Rennells, a hair stylist and make-up artist with a passion for vintage. It’s a trove of tips and ideas. I particularly love this post about an entire Colorado advertising firm she styled a la Mad Men. I also own Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step by Step Techniques by Ms. Rennells and highly recommend it. Who knew how you took hot rollers out made a difference?
  • Nerd Boyfriend–Genius premise: take pictures of famous nerdy, yet mostly attractive, gents and link to clothes so a modern chap can emulate the style. Not strictly vintage, but the selections are strongly retro. Tony Curtis shirtless in seeksucker pants and saddle shoes? Purr-row!
  • Diary of a Vintage Girl–Fleur, a modern English pin-up, has oodles of pictures from her photoshoots to oogle plus some very handy how-to videos.
  • Vixen Vintage–Pin curls everyday and a wardrobe to die for.
  • M.Drummergirl on Flickr–Thrift ninja. Not all vintage, but thought-provoking. I would never pull this dress off a rack and think, yeah, I could rock that. Or even that anyone could. But she does, and it’s amazing.
  • Tap Legacy Foundation–Tap and lindy share common roots, easily evident in many of the videos shared by TLF on their Facebook page. Many of the first lindy hoppers were hoofers. My friends from TLF scour YouTube for the most inspiring clips. Go subscribe and look forward to seeing a daily tap video in your News Feed. The “Challenge!” scene from Tap featuring Gregory Hines, Sammy Davis, Jr., Harold Nicholas, Jimmy Slyde, Howard “Sandman” Sims, Bunny Briggs, Steve Condos, Arthur Duncan, Pat Rico, and a baby-faced Savion Glover remains one of my all time favorites.
  • Trashy Diva Blog–The ladies behind the delightful Trashy Diva store also have a blog. I covet the Garbo coat. (Click through at your own risk. I make no promises that you won’t find three new dresses that you simply must have. Or is that just me?)

Do you have favorite online vintage lifestyle blogs? If so, please share. I adore new Google Reader content.



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2 responses to “Cabin Fever Entertainment

  1. Ellie Lynne

    My favorite, as you already know, is

    She is very down to earth, vintage, and, best of all, does crafty things that she puts the how-to on her blog. My dream blog, I tell ya! She has inspired me to get back to vintaging (we are SO gonna go soon, girl!), and to sew some new things I wanted for my swing collection.

    I warn you: the blog is addictive!

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