Shoe Wardrobe Tour: For Her

Yesterday we talked about the major factors to consider when purchasing shoes: comfort, smoothness and grip, and style. Now for the fun part: a tour of our shoe wardrobe. I’ll start off with my dance shoes, and then talk about Craig’s. Initially I thought I could discuss all of our shoes at once but we simply have too many! Come back tomorrow for a tour of his shoes.

These Keds with a chrome leather sole are my go-to shoes. I purchased them for under $20 at Rack Room, swapped the factory insoles for a more supportive option, and then took them to my cobbler, Eugene. He glued chrome leather to the soles and neatly trimmed the edges. I’ve had these for about two years and they’re starting to show it, especially with the hole in the toe.

When it comes to choosing a cobbler, I prefer to take my shoes to a shop where they perform the work on site. I’m suspicious of places that send the work out. Eugene’s shop looks like it’s been there for a couple decades and smells exactly like how you think a cobbler’s shop should smell. He charges about $50 for the service. Pricey, but for two years worth of wear I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. It is possible to

buy chrome leather on your own and glue it to the sole. I plan on trying this in the future on some shoes I don’t care as much about and don’t plan to wear regularly.

I love red shoes and accessories. These red mary janes are from Again, I put in supportive insoles. I purchased them for my wedding reception three years ago and wore them fairly consistently for a while. They’re super cute but I don’t wear them all the time anymore because the felt on the soles is beginning to separate from the shoe. Now, I only wear them for special events and often pair them with a red flower pin/hair accessory I made. I’ll show you how I did it in a future post.

Keds printed with a wingtip pattern. I received these from Craig’s brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. The real hat tip goes to my sister-in-law who heard me mention that I needed new dance shoes and found these wingtip Keds online. Probably my coolest and most unique dance shoes ever. I need to take them to Eugene for sueding and to put better insoles in them. Looking around on the site, there are thousands of customized options. I’m particularly fond of these printed to look like brogues. (Brogues are leather perforations.)

To continue my red shoe craze, I got some red Converse All-Stars last summer for dancing outside. We have a recurring summertime festival in Annapolis with dancing and these fit the bill. They’re very comfortable but I find the toe box to be a bit larger than my other dance shoes. Generally, it doesn’t matter all that much but I find I need to be more careful about where I put my feet because I’ve used to dancing in shoe that fits closer to my foot. There aren’t insoles in these now, but you better believe I had athletic insoles in them for dancing on concrete last summer. I don’t have much of an arch, so I need the extra support.

These chocolate shoes with an argyle print pattern were also a gift from the sister-in-law. She got them for herself but never wore them so she passed them off to me. I think they were a Target purchase. There’s minimal rubber on the sole, so I find them pretty easy to dance in even though the soles haven’t been sueded. I wasn’t sure if the style would work for me since the pink and purple seems a little adolescent. But I like argyle so I decided to give them a go. There are lime diamonds on the heel and they look really cute with a lime shirt.

Finally, my black leather Aris Allen Rug Cutter wedges. I’ve had these for years and they’ve worn really well. I usually can’t wear them an entire night because the heel pushes my toes forward and they pinch. I also like to wear them with fishnets which contributes to the toe pinching. There’s a slight platform of maybe a half an inch. I find even that small increase really shifts my center of gravity. Being tall, I’m not comfortable dancing lindy in heels. I see other girls do it and I have deep admiration for them but it simply doesn’t work for me.

There you have it! Now it’s your turn. Where did you get your favorite dance shoes? Do you have any tricks or tips to share with your fellow lindy hoppers?

Tomorrow I’ll show you Craig’s dancing shoes. And lemme just tell you, that boy has some pretty wingtips.



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9 responses to “Shoe Wardrobe Tour: For Her

  1. mo cantin

    I ve been debating for many months on shoes. This has been helpful and i really enjoy learning/hearing what others like to dance in. Maybe i’ll suck it up soon and get better shoes than what i ve been using. Though my toms have been working well enough to this point.

  2. mo cantin

    oh and i really love red shoes and accessories too!

  3. Stacey

    I have 2 pairs of dance shoes. I got both of mine at the outlet for a great deal. I have a pair of dance sneaker that I wear for lessons and casual dancing. I also have a pair of cute black & white mary jane style shoes that I wear when I get dressed up for dancing. The sneaker’s are definitely more comfortable but the mary jane’s are more fun.

  4. Ceste

    I prefer leather to suede bottoms, but I have been dancing w/ suede now for almost 2 years. I have to take them to be reglued about 1x a month & I only dance 1x a week. Just recently bought a 2nd pair of the same kind and threw out the old ones. Now I’m wishing I would have saved the old ones.

    When I 1st started to dance, I inherited my sister’s organ shoes, shoes that she had bought for playing the organ that were actual dance shoes. I danced in these until they completely fell apart. I even had the bottoms redone in leather. They were the classic old Hollywood look and I literally cried when I had to get them replaced. I searched high & low for an identical pair but had to settle for a similar pair that I found in Portland, OR. The toe wasn’t quite so rounded and the heel was ever so slightly higher. And these shoes didn’t last nearly as long. Then I switched to the suede ked sneakers I now wear. It was hard at first to get used to dancing w/o a heel, but I found I enjoyed it cuz I am fairly short & tend to prefer dancing w/ shorter guys. And my knees loved me for it (I don’t wear high heels at all in reg. non-dancing settings). The thing I still don’t like about dancing in keds though is how low the lip of the shoe comes to my ankle. Wish I could find a freer shoe or a Mary Jane type. But I ordered several Mary Jane types from dancestore and had to send them back cuz there was like a bar on the back of the heel. And I have knobs on the back of my heels and the rubbage was soooo painful. I have tap shoes that I bought at a thrift store that are absolutely divine. Wish I could find them for swing.

  5. Ceste

    also my chiro fitted me for orthodics especially for dancing…5th avenue brand by foot levelers…Divine to dance in…there were custom cushy sections under the ball of my foot that I could feel protecting my tootsies…my arch came back from wearing these & I lost a ton of weight too, so he doesn’t want me wearing them anymore. So I just get superfeet brand kind now, the pink ones are for women’s dress shoes. I find they work the best. You can get them on the REI website

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