Songs of the Month Club: March 2011

As a DJ, I’m constantly hunting for new songs to play or familiar songs that I might be missing from my collection. Sometimes, I look through the depths of my collection to discover gems I never even knew I had or that I had forgotten about. As a new feature for All the Cats Join In, I thought I’d share my DJ finds with you at the end of each month.

March 2011:
“Something’s Gotta Give” — The McGuire Sisters. I played cocktail music for a birthday party where the guest of honor had been in a McGuire Sister-esque group. They asked for a medley of McGuire Sister songs, so I did some research and found this totally danceable tune.

“Conjunction Junction” — Cartoon Theme Players. This one has been around for years, but I’d never gotten it for my collection. Its always a hit.

“Rhythm of Love” — Plain White T’s. I think this is the Plain White T’s way of making up for “Hey There, Delilah.” A great danceable song with apologies to all dancers for the horrid dancing in the video.

“Blue Lou” — International Sweethearts. A rippin’ fast version at 230 BPM. I found this tune during my research for women in jazz.

“All the Cats Join In” — Julia Rich. Special thanks to Josh Vanderwal who introduced me to this version. Its suggestive like Peggy Lee’s “Fever.” Winner!

“Super Mario Bros. 2 SuperBuckJazz OC Remix” — Estradasphere. One of our dancers sent this to me with a request to play it. I’ve played it several times since then. I’m always amused by who gets geek cred for recognizing the song.

“Rockin’ in Rhythm” — Charlie Barnet. This song has been used in several jack and jill comp videos that I’ve watched, so I finally tracked it down and added it to my collection. I love the piano riff in it.

“Rough Ridin'” — Ella Fitzgerald. A friend of mine was trying to track down a mellow Ella track where she scatted the whole thing. This was the tune she was looking for. I’ve used it for beginner lessons with great success.

“The Fox” — Ray Anthony. We’ve recently been developing DJ talent in Annapolis, and one of our new DJ’s opened up his very first set with this tune. I’m like, “Dude, if this is how you’re starting, this is gonna be a great night.” Then, I promptly downloaded the song into my own collection.

“If I Knew You Were Comin’ I’d Have Baked a Cake” — Georgia Gibbs. This is the perfect birthday jam song, at least it has been for this month. I’m sure I’ll find something else for next month. Its also just a ton of fun.

“Hollywood Hat” — Tommy Dorsey. I downloaded this song for the Millinery and Chapeau Dance we hosted in January, and promptly forgot about it after the dance. This month, I resurrected it from the abyss of my collection.



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4 responses to “Songs of the Month Club: March 2011

  1. Beth H.

    Y’know, I couldn’t place why Rhythm of Love sounded so different from most PWT’s songs (everytime I hear it on the radio I think it’s Jason Mraz) until I watched the video – finally a song that isn’t the Tom Show. Nice to see Tim actually getting a chance to do lead vocals.

  2. Warren

    There is a gypsy style version of Super Mario II at that I first heard at a dance a year or so ago. I had to ask the dj what tune it was, because I recognized it but couldn’t place it.

    • craigsparks

      Nice. I like this one, too. Its very mellow. I once heard a local group, Sac Au Lait, do a gypsy jazz cover of the theme from Super Mario Bros. 1 which was also super awesome. I wish they had recorded it.

  3. G

    My plan is to start all DJing with the “The Fox”.

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