No Easter Without Good Friday

Earlier this year, I was laid off from my job. In the immediate aftermath, I was worried, fearful, and scared. But the sky didn’t fall. We moved on. I applied for positions, went on interviews, sent out resumes, and consulted mentors. The unexpected blessing of unemployment was time step back and consider what I wanted out of life. Also, I get the pleasure of small things, like hearing Craig practice.

Today is Good Friday. Easter has long been my favorite holiday. I love the themes of rebirth and forgiveness. When I met Craig, he was working as a church music director and Easter was the first time I visited his church. He also initially proposed to me on Easter Sunday. It holds a special spot in my heart for many reasons.

As much as I adore Easter, I’m inversely not fond of Good Friday. Good Friday is sad. The early followers of Christ thought all had been lost. A member of the church choir Craig directed would never attend the Good Friday service. This member would practice and learn all the music, but wouldn’t attend. Maudy Thursday? Fine. Easter? Fine. But no Good Friday. “It’s too sad,” was the reason given.

Yes, it is sad. But sometimes life is sad and disheartening. Easter reminds us that there is forgiveness and rebirth. There is no Easter without Good Friday, for how could Christ conquer death if he hadn’t died?

I continually run into the reminder that good things come after challenges. It has been true in my job hunt. And we all know that it is true in lindy hop. I’ve been dancing for eight years now and that early rush of challenge and semi-accomplishment is long gone. I’ve had plateaus and breakthroughs, but I’m getting itchy again. I’ve seen some interesting videos online about triple step variations. Craig and I are taking some classes this summer that I’m sure will kick my tail. I might not always like the process, but I’m sure I’ll like the result.

And with that, I’m off to a Good Friday service.



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3 responses to “No Easter Without Good Friday

  1. Susanne – I can completely identify in the pleasure of the small things. Being able to have lunch with Steph everyday when I was laid off was such a gift.!

    Anyway, great post, and I hope the next steps in your career bring interesting challenges and tremendous rewards.

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