Songs of the Month Club: April

Songs of the Month Club is a regular feature on All the Cats Join In where Craig lists his newest finds and old gems that he’s dusted off. Enjoy!

“No Me Voy Sin Bailar (When I Get Low I Get High)” – Ana Belen. This song sounds primarily like trad jazz, but there are a few little nuances that give it a hint of gypsy jazz. (I swear there’s an accordian or bandaneon in the background)

“I’ve Got No Strings” – Andrew’s Sisters. One of our April birthday girls in our scene is enamored with Disney, so I tracked down a couple of swingin’ Disney songs. Everyone knows the jungle book, but as a DJ, I don’t always like to go for the obvious if I can find a high-quality, unknown gem.

“Pure Imagination” – Boilermaker Jazz Band. Nice Work If You Can Get It, the Boilermaker’s new album, dropped this month. This is a fantastic song, one that I do with my band as well. Paul and his crew do a great job of it. I’ve heard him do it live many times, and am incredibly glad he recorded it on this album.

“Little Gate’s Special” – Bunny Berigan. The light piano intro is a nice set up for the heavenly syncopated horn hits that follow. The pounding rhythm section keeps it swinging hard, and makes it easily approachable for beginner dancers, while the brass and the solos provide a lot of interesting licks for more experienced dancers to play with.

“Sermonette” – Earl Grant. I’m in love with this song. No one’s going to walk up to me and ask what it was. It isn’t showy enough for that, but it’s so solid and has such distinct personality.

“Blues All Over” – Eden Brent
“In Love With Your Wallet” – Eden Brent. Eden Brent is a gem. Amazing voice with fantastic piano chops. I downloaded an entire album, which is a rarity for me. Primarily a vintage jump blues, blues, and boogie woogie style.

“When You Wish Upon a Star” – Gene Ammons, Jack McDuff & Sonny Stitt. The other Disney find this month. I searched through about 150 different versions of this tune on iTunes to find this one danceable verion.

“Cantina Band” – Just Like Django. After the success of Richard Cheese’s “Darth Vader” when DJ-ing for the University of Delaware crew, I hunted for a good version of the Cantina Band. Its a little fast for the average dancer, but if you never make them suffer through the fast tunes, they’ll never learn how to dance to them.

“The Girl from Ipanema” – Lou Rawls. I downloaded this at the request of Rayned Wiles. Its a staple from his collection, and always brings back fond memories of dancing at K2 Studio in Beltsville, MD circa 2004.

“Now You Has Jazz” – Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby. I had to trim a little off the beginning, but its a great tune that builds nicely. I think Bing Crosby often gets overlooked, but there are a few swing gems buried in his catalog for those diligent enough to search.

“Mr. Anthony’s Boogie” – Ray Anthony. After downloading “The Fox” last month, I decided to look for another good dance tune from Mr. Anthony and his outfit.

“Stuck Like Glue” – Sugarland. I’m not sure what I think of this song yet. Its one of those country/pop blends, and it is danceable. I’m currently having the “Ugly or awesome” debate about it. My suspicion is that it is potentially good in the right venues.



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9 responses to “Songs of the Month Club: April

  1. Fenn

    “Bandaneon”? You made that up, right?

    • craigsparks

      No, just misspelled it. It’s a “bandoneon.” It’s a type of concertina which is like a mini-accordion.

  2. Peter Hedlund

    I REALLY enjoy the dynamics of “stuck like glue,” it inspires a lot of creativity in style variations… I appreciate these posts by the way, now whenever I want to add to my collection all I have to do is check your blog 🙂

  3. Colleen

    There are definitely songs I hear like “Girl from Ipanema” that make me go, WOW that’s a K2 song!

    Great list, Craig.

    • craigsparks

      Actually, Rayned visited our Friday night venue to join in the April B-Day celebration, and requested that song. So I picked that up to play for him (and have played it a couple other times since then, too).

  4. christina

    I think the bulk of that Sugarland song is “okay,” until you get to the part where she thinks she is Jamaican or something? The bridge makes me want to rip my aural nerve from my skull.

    • craigsparks

      Yeah, I have the same concerns and irks with the song, but at the same time I find the beat moves my body and I think the variation in the song could spark some creativity. As with all songs, it always depends on the crowd of people and the nature of the venue.

      • christina

        I actually sort of think what annoys me so much about that bridge is that I really like the beginning, and I do want to dance to it. And then the fake Jamaican thing comes in and I feel terribly betrayed.

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