Croquet and Dancing

This past weekend was insanely busy for us, packed full of dancing. Saturday, we went to the annual croquet match between St. Johns College and the Naval Academy. Everyone was all dandied up in their finest vintage inspired threads. There was some croquet there, but to be honest the game seemed secondary to hanging out, dancing, eating, drinking, and general all around merriment. We had an amazing time. I took a bit of video while I was there, so you could share in the fun. I wish I had captured more of the amazing fashion on display, but I got a lot of great dancing and you can get a good feel for the event.

Then, Sunday, we co-sponsored a dance as part of the First Sunday Festivals on West Street in Annapolis. We premiered our new charleston routine, “That Da Da Strain.” The crew worked really hard to put this together in the short amount of time we had, and did an amazing job with it. Here’s a video of the routine.

After all the dancing, we were wiped out. Fortunately, we scheduled a few days off for ourselves this week. After all that dancing, my body certainly needed the rest! Enjoy the videos.



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3 responses to “Croquet and Dancing

  1. Colleen

    I LOVE the vintage style of the video! The croquet match was one of my favorite parts of living in Annapolis.

    • craigsparks

      Thanks, Colleen. I had a fun time putting it together. Next year, you’ll have to come join us for the croquet match. Just because you don’t live in Annapolis doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun!

  2. Colleen

    Also great job to all the charleston dancers!

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