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Correction: Four Clefs

Recently, Susanne and I went up to Rochester for Stompology, and had a fantastic time there. We’ve got a couple of posts in the works inspired by our time there, but in the meantime I thought I’d post a little discovery from our road trip.

As we were driving, we started talking about “I like pie, I like cake,” which I thought was by The Four Chefs. As I was playing it off of the iPad, I looked carefully at the album art and saw. . .”The four CLEFS.” on the list of artists! The artist track was mislabeled in the iTunes file. I had mentioned the song in an earlier post, and asked for information if anyone knew anything about the artist. Well, now that I have the artist right, here’s some info on them.

In honor of the upcoming July 4th celebrations, check out their patriotic tune, “V-Day.


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Songs of the Month Club: May

Sorry for the delay. Susanne and I have been crazy busy lately running dances, traveling a bit, and enjoying some down time together. This past month, I’ve been listening to more blues and building that part of my collection a little more. I’ve also been looking for songs for Collegiate Shag since our friends Joe and Tabitha Robinson have been teaching beginner shag for us in Annapolis.

“You Can Leave Your Hat On” – Michael Grimm. Michael Grimm won America’s Got Talent, which I wouldn’t consider a ringing endorsement, but the modern soul man has some good chops. Looking through his catalog, his song selection isn’t always the greatest or lend itself well to dancing, but there are a few gems in there for the blues/soul DJ.

“Momma, Where’s My Daddy” – Keb’ Mo’. Susanne and I have tickets to see Keb’ Mo’ in September. He’s one of the artists on my list of “People to see in concert before I die,” so I thought I’d look through his collection again for some more great tunes to listen to before the concert rolls around.

“It’s Only a Paper Moon” – Benny Goodman. We held a USO themed dance in May, and I found this on a compilation of most requested songs from the 1940’s. Continue reading

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