Correction: Four Clefs

Recently, Susanne and I went up to Rochester for Stompology, and had a fantastic time there. We’ve got a couple of posts in the works inspired by our time there, but in the meantime I thought I’d post a little discovery from our road trip.

As we were driving, we started talking about “I like pie, I like cake,” which I thought was by The Four Chefs. As I was playing it off of the iPad, I looked carefully at the album art and saw. . .”The four CLEFS.” on the list of artists! The artist track was mislabeled in the iTunes file. I had mentioned the song in an earlier post, and asked for information if anyone knew anything about the artist. Well, now that I have the artist right, here’s some info on them.

In honor of the upcoming July 4th celebrations, check out their patriotic tune, “V-Day.


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