Sparks Music

The Craig Sparks Swingtet pays homage to the past with its swingin’ standards while peppering in jazz arrangements off the contemporary pop charts. Anchored by the powerhouse vocals of crooner Craig Leland Sparks, these guys bring life to the songbooks of George Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Duke Ellington. The Nat King Cole Trio and crossover jazz artists like Jamie Cullum inspired Craig to draw upon a decade of experience as a musician, composer, and swing dancer. Whether tapping your toes or lindy-hopping on the dance floor, the Swingtet keeps the jive alive.

The Swingtet is a flexible group of two to five musicians, able to meet your budget. For information on booking contact Craig Sparks at craiglsparks at gmail dot com.

Check out our press kit, complete with photos and demo recordings.


One response to “Sparks Music

  1. Elizabeth Farrington

    Craig, your vocals remind me so much of those old-time crooners that I love. All you need is a Ukulele…

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